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Buyers and sellers use this resource at their own risk.

The owners/operators/moderators of this board are not personally responsible for claims, performance or quality of items bought/sold on this board.

Sellers/buyers, your integrity and honesty are the key to this resource functioning well. Please maintain open communication. Please see to it that you follow through on your commitments to sellers/buyers with regards to terms, ship dates, etc.

The owners/operators/moderators reserve the right to deny users future board use priveleges if they fail to interact in a responsible manner in classified transactions.

Note: it is this writer's regret that he even has to write this message. In short, please do what you commit that you will do. If you mess up, please openly communicate with the other party and be honest. Mistakes happen, but failure to follow through is not a mistake.

Sincerely, Chris Atkinson
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