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The use of a camera lends quite a bit of value to journals. As I age, going on 81, videos
provide a chance to recall old memories. The following is one that I had forgotten about.
With not much else to do, it provided a brief interlude of recollections. Back then I was
hunting the backwaters of the Mississippi River. My plan was to take a small Migrator
Marsh Boat hunting. I would either tow it or carry it "piggy back" with my "big water rig".

However, before doing that Pounce needed to learn how to get into the "hide". So we
practiced at a local launch.

(YouTube video link)

Practice is important before hunting. :cool:

You Sir have set the bar of excellence in documenting and photographing on your hunting and training voyages. I’ve seen and watched yours and Wayne’s over the years and just starting to realize the value in doing this!
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