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Puppy Stakes ?
Judged by: Mike and Kathy Barrow
Premee Puppy
1st Place - Molly Ray Casella
Junior Puppy
1st Place ? Velvet ? Sandra Gipson
2nd Place ?Teal ? Ray Casella
3rd Place- Pepper- Ed Gipson
4th Place - Spence- Jim Bryson
Jam- Jack- Ashli Gregory
Jam- Chester- Jim Bryson
Jam- Cody Ray Casella
Jam- Sandy- Ray Casella
Jam- Rennie- Ronnie Dixon
Jam- Bango Teresa Seabright
Senior Puppy
1st Place ? Cheers ? Joan Fine
2nd Place ?Jasmine ? Pam Hansen
3rd Place ?Justice ? George Francis
4th Place ? Duster ? Pat Shelmanine
Jam - Wendy - Ray Casella

Novice Stake ?
Judged by: Joe and Debbie Stambaugh
1st Place ? Punch- Pat Shelmadine
2nd Place ? J.B- Julie Reardon
3rd Place ? Jazz - Pam Hausen
4th Place ? Kelcie - Betsy Madden
Jam ? Bullet - Sherry Gregory
Jam ? Slammer - Nancy Thomas
Jam- Puffin - Betsy Madden
Boss Jason Meade
Bella Brad Slaybaugh
Justice George Francis
Kelsie Betsy Madden
Jib Julie Reardon
Kitten Pamela Hansen
Jax Jack Gwaltney

Gun Dog Stake ?
Judged by: Joe and Debbie Stambaugh
1st Place ? Goose ? Dick McCree
2nd Place ?Storm ? Tony Hunt
3rd Place ?Abbie ? Betsy Madden
4th Place ? Aime ? Ray Casella
Jam ? Thunder ? David Lundy
Jake David Hamel
Bo Brad Slaybaugh
Newby Mauck
Chip Hank Miller
Zoe David Hamel
Champ David Lundy
Tickle Chuck Mazera
Jack Alvin Hatcher
Storm Joan Shellinger
Clipper Alvin Hatcher
Coqui Ann Strathern
Molly Ann Strathern

Open Gun Dog Stake ?
Judged by: Kristen Hoffman and Carroll Niesen
1st Place ? Titan- Chuck Mezera
2nd Place ? Mac- Jack Gwaltney
3rd Place ? Star - Mike Gregory
4th Place ? Joe- Dan Beisner
Jam ? Rebel- Sherry Gregory
Jam ? Cricket- Chris Johnson
Jam ? Trip- Charles Haydew
Jam ? Gert- Dan Bienser
Jam ? Jackson- Mike Griffith
Jam ? Lily- Joan S.
Jam ? Becky- Pat Selmadine
Jam ? Bunny- Milly Welsh
Jam ? Pepper- Nancy Cambell
Jam ? Mabell- Newby Mauck
Jam - Spade- Mike Gregory

O/H Amateur Stake ?
Judged by: Kristen Hoffman and Carroll Niesen

1st Place ? Willie- Lee Hodges
2nd Place ? Chief- Mike Griffith
3rd Place ? Sassy- Ronnie Dixon
4th Place ? Gracie- Nancy Thomas
Jam ? Mggie- Milly Welsh
Jam ? Magic- Nick Elam
Jam ? Cannon- John Bryant
Jam ? Sam- Lee Hodges
Jam ? Honey- Ann Griffith
Jam ? Blue- Charles Hayden
Jam ? Bart- Milly Welsh
Jam ? Holly- Lee Elam
Jam ? Valentine- Jack Gwatlney
Jam ? Ram- Lee Watson
Jam ? Ruffie- Joan Fine
Jam ? Jake- George Francis
Jam ? Jessie- George Francis
Jam ? Joe- George Francis
Jam ? Dandy- Joan Fine
Jam ? Droopy- Vicki McCormick
Jam ? Mav- Ann Strathern
Jam ? Kate- John Austin
Jam ? Willie- Sandra Gipson
Jam ? Windy- Linda Downey
Jam ? Bizy- Ann Strathern
Jam ? Cash- Pat Shelmadine
Jam ? Knight Brett Dillard
Jam- Carly- Betsy Bagley
Jam- Furby- Sherry Gregory

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Looks like it was a huge success - wished clubs here did some fun trials, too!

Congrats to all!

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