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Virginia Retriever Grounds Supporters July 30, 2005

I would like to thank each and everyone that supported the Second Annual Virginia Retriever Benefit held in Powhatan, Virginia on July10, 2005. The attendance grew from about 75 people to over 100, that number was reflected in the number of entries with an amazing 93 dogs. Perhaps the most important showing was the number of different breeds and clubs represented. Attending were all three colored Labradors, Chesapeake Bay Retrievers, Flat Coat Retrievers, Golden Retrievers and a Nova Scotia Duck Toiler. The most impressive show of unity was in the support from different Clubs; in attendance were representatives from Blue Ridge Retriever Club, Delmarva Delta Waterfowl Association, Dogwood Retriever Club, Old Dominion Retriever Club, Rappahannock Retriever Club, and Tidewater Retriever Club. Attendees included people from Delaware, Maryland, North Carolina, and across the state of Virginia.

Entries were again limited to each dog only being allowed to enter one stake. One series was the order of the day and it proved to work out well and allow us to have fun and showcase our sport a little. Our judges could not have been more qualified and provided well thought out tests that despite the large entries, 92 degree weather and being limited to a 2:00 deadline, managed finished without any dogs or handlers becoming overheated.

The Stakes were completed at about 2:00 in the afternoon and a wonderful lunch of fried chicken and extraordinary covered dishes and desserts were placed for all of us to enjoy. Acknowledgments were given to all those who donated most graciously there time, effort, and resources to make this years? event a success. Placements were then awarded to handlers.

Representatives from the Department of Conservation and Recreation included the State Director Mr. and Mrs. Joe Elton, Bob Munson, Ann Zaun and Sally Angier. From the Virginia Association for Parks the President Mr. Johnny Finch and Secretary Mrs. Jo Finch. Mr. Elton briefed the group on the progress of the grounds and stated he hoped that the Third Annual Retriever Benefit would be held in the new park. He also informed the group of another site in South Central Virginia that may come available for our sport. Most encouraging was his and DCR?s commitment to making our grounds a premier site capable of holding National Events that other States would model. Mr. Finch then offered support and support from VAFP for our sport. I must also add that Mr. and Mrs. Finch helped with obtaining and filling out the necessary paper work needed for us to incorporate and file for our non-profit status. We were then provided with instructions for the highlight of the day, VIEWING the NEW TRAINING GROUNDS. Everyone pitched in and cleaned up and those traveling shorter distances lined up to follow Ann Zaun to our new State Training Grounds. Large corn fields, rolling hills, ditches, winding roads, and low areas capable of being manicured into a variety of ponds were shown to the caravan.

The support we have shown has definitely begun the process of achieving our goals.

In closing I would like to thank our most gracious sponsors who donated items for this years event: Heron Hawk Kennels (provided Bird boys), Pawscienda Kennels, Elam Animal Hospital, Eukanuba, Barrow Construction Inc., Debbie Elam, Lee Elam, Joan Bensen, David Hammel, Lee Hodges, Ronnie Dixon, Mike Griffith, Mr. Shelton, Kristen Hoffman, Carroll Niesen, Joe and Debbie Stambaugh, Mike and Kathy Barrow, Blue Ridge Retriever Club, Tidewater Retriever Club, all the volunteers that marshaled stakes, provided ATV?s, set up stakes, cleaned up the grounds and donated their time to make this event spectacular.

Thank you again.

David Barrow :lol:

Please keep th emails to the DCR it is working!
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