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WARNING! Fishy phone scam???!!! KENNELS!!

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I believe 99% that someone just called and stole my number or is routing things to it or using it for collect or whatever calls.

I had a call from "A Z Industrial" 631-967-7006 (this is a number from Suffolk County New York).

The asked "is this Kristie" - like an idiot I said "yes" (something you should NEVER do, btw, if you didn't know...)

He said "I'm calling to ask if you had any questions about the kennel sealer we sent you"

I said "I think you have the wrong kennel"

He hung up...

I thought... That was really odd. So I called him back...

The first thing I asked was "who is this" (because he answered "hello"). He said Fred, which was what he also said the first time.

Then I said "you just called me and I wanted to find out why you were calling"...

Long story short, he was a jerk, said he had a reply card from me (NO WAY unless someone else had sent it in). I asked him what his sealer is made out of, he answered pretty quickly. He was getting irritated when i asked his company name and where it's located...

I called back several times just to see what he would say...

I got the phone number A Z Industrial 631-967-7006

It's located in Suffolk County NEW YORK - which as far as I know is a hub of phone slamming and stealing activity...

I tried to look up the number and company on google... Nothing.

So I called into Bellsouth and put my account on lockdown.

So just a heads up. It may be absolutely NOTHING, but it was really really really fishy, the whole thing.

We'll see what happens...

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I'm on the do not call list also and there has been an increase in calls to businesses from people who obviously ignore the list. When in doubt I don't answer. I figure anyone who wants me knows dog people are usually out with dogs and they leave a message. If they don't, oh well. I would rather call back.
I had no idea they can send you stuff for just saying your name. Why would anyone pay them if they deliver something and they don't have a credit card number? I understand the phone service but goods?
Good post Julie, that's why they do not want to give out their names and they say it is not a solicitation but they are doing something like taking a survey. How do you report them if they don't give their name, do you remember that?
1 - 2 of 29 Posts
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