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WARNING! Fishy phone scam???!!! KENNELS!!

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I believe 99% that someone just called and stole my number or is routing things to it or using it for collect or whatever calls.

I had a call from "A Z Industrial" 631-967-7006 (this is a number from Suffolk County New York).

The asked "is this Kristie" - like an idiot I said "yes" (something you should NEVER do, btw, if you didn't know...)

He said "I'm calling to ask if you had any questions about the kennel sealer we sent you"

I said "I think you have the wrong kennel"

He hung up...

I thought... That was really odd. So I called him back...

The first thing I asked was "who is this" (because he answered "hello"). He said Fred, which was what he also said the first time.

Then I said "you just called me and I wanted to find out why you were calling"...

Long story short, he was a jerk, said he had a reply card from me (NO WAY unless someone else had sent it in). I asked him what his sealer is made out of, he answered pretty quickly. He was getting irritated when i asked his company name and where it's located...

I called back several times just to see what he would say...

I got the phone number A Z Industrial 631-967-7006

It's located in Suffolk County NEW YORK - which as far as I know is a hub of phone slamming and stealing activity...

I tried to look up the number and company on google... Nothing.

So I called into Bellsouth and put my account on lockdown.

So just a heads up. It may be absolutely NOTHING, but it was really really really fishy, the whole thing.

We'll see what happens...

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Kristie, we had those exact people call us too. They sent the product COD through UPS so I just rejected it and UPS had to send it back. It was a fairly small box and they wanted $200 for it. Then we got more phone calls from them and they kept trying to convince us that it was our idea to buy the product like we were the ones requesting it. Just like you said they became rude as soon as they figured out their scam was going nowhere. No more calls after that.

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