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All 3 shot as singles with the idea of teaching the concept of negotiating a point and then up and out to the bird. We have been working on up and out, and also decheating for the past couple weeks. I was wanting to see if the 2 concepts had been ingrained and if I could put multiple factors together and get a somewhat honest line and mark. The dogs doing these marks are 12-15 mos old.

Mark shot left to right. Hidden gun. This was a 45 yard entry then about 70 yards of running water to the point. Real good opp. Here to cheat to the left. Cross the point, 35 yards more running water then up and out about 50 yards to the mark. The point was pretty straight across so there was little factor here with no angle to negotiate. The object of this mark was to just go straight and just keep going. I was prepared to shoot another en route if it looked like the dog was going to hang up on the point and not keep going. All kept going and this was not needed. I think shooting another mark en route is better than handling when teaching, because it does not encourage the dog to depend on the handler for momentum or direction. Mark was in low cover so when the dog got there, it was relatively easy to find. I was training on this one for momentum.

This one had a lot of the same concepts as # 1 but the point was angled. 60 yards to the entry then about 80 yards swimming water. Still had running water behind the point but the mark was about 80 yards out of the water. This mark was left to right and landed in relatively light cover again. It would be easy for the dog to cheat after crossing the point so I was prepared to handle on this one because I was looking for a straight line after the angle of the point. The dogs had seen this mark last week but from a different spot where the point was not a factor and I think they remembered where to go.

Longer entry here about 75 yards then a 100 yard swim. Mark left to right and landing in water about 20 yards behind the point. I was looking for a straight swim and then directly over the point to the mark which was somewhat less visible. Had to handle one because she sucked to the left back toward mark 2. One whistle then an angle back. She saw the bumper boy and then the light came on and went right to it. The fall area of #2 is just on the left edge of this photo. The dog in swimming in the photo is a Patton daughter and doing it right.
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