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Derby results

Just got this by phone re the Derby:

#1 - Circle-C's Five Star Gen'l MacArthur - Fred/Moni Cundari :D :D :D
#2 - Cappy - Hillmann
#3 - Ike - Ward
#4 - Q - Ward
RJ - Susie - Dewey
JAMs - Beeg - Parrott/Curtis, Copper - Wattleworth, Dallas - Powers

Congratulations to my Gracie's pup, Digger, on his win - in double digit derby points now, no less!! All three of her pups in FT homes have derby placements.

And we're so pleased that the Cundari's have Digger; they also own FC Fox-C's Take it to the Bank (Bucky) - the pups' grandsire. It's great to see Buck's progeny and grandkids performing so well. They have big shoes to step into but I think they're acquitting Buck well and adding to their dad, Patton's, already robust list of successful pups.

And worth noting that four of the above are Patton pups as well.

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