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West Allis D/Q: Results

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1. Westwoods Sunday Silence, Mike Wood, David Westfall; Mike
2. Catch Me If You Can, John Stracka; Seth Steenburgen
3. Crosswinds Blue on Black, Bruce Halverson
4. Hilltops Sassy Fast; John Pease
RJ. Windy Citys Wild One; Charlie Hines; Steth Steenburgen
Jams: Metis Pchit of Buckshot,Dillow; Stumptown Concertino Mallory,Turner

1.Jasmines Maid of Orleans, Tony Allen
2. Super Slam; Brad Smith
3. Morris Augie Busch Doggie; Bill Strange; Rod Pfaf
4. Coastal Midlife Drive Time; Tony Austin; Bruce Halverson
RJ. Illinis Miss Tara; Doug Main
Jams: Waterdogs Shock and Awe, Stracka; Murphys Sassy Miss Callahan, Murphy; Silver Creek Sport; Dollar; Hilltops Just Because, Pease
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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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