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Western Montana Retriever Club Trial

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Anyone have call backs ?
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A little news from the trial.

Amateur Winner FC AFC Blue Earth's Hurry Sundown, owned and handled by John Terraciano. This win completes his AFC and qualifies him for the National Am. Congratulations John and trainer Karl Gunzer!

Open: 1st: Karl Gunzer with Fizz (Hardscrabble Carbunnation)owner Judy Rasmuson
2nd Karl Gunzer with Coal ( Ruff Cut Diamond)owner Gary Mathis

Derby just finished no results yet.

Go team Gunzer!!!!!!!!!!![/b]
Just got the Derby results:

1st #16 Kat (Watermark's Kategory Five) o Mary Tatum h Rob Erhardt
:D team Gunzer
2nd #24 Cash (US Currency) 0/h M or K Tierney

3rd #1 Missy (Merry Christmas VII) o/h Steve Graafstra

4th #14 Tex (Cross Creek Texan) 0 Matter, h Patsy Martin

RJ #19 (Topgun's Maverick) o Holborn h Brooke Van De Brake

Jams: 2,3,7,8,10,17,25,26 28, 27 Lacrosse Adirondac Co-Pilot, o/h Steve Low :D congrats Steve and Pilot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's all for now. congratulations to all!
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1 - 2 of 31 Posts
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