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Western Montana Retriever Club Trial

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Anyone have call backs ?
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Way to go Steve and Pilot!!! We're so proud of you!
Your fans,
Hoss and Becky
Western Montana

I heard that Karl gunzer got 3rd in Open with Jim Askew dog Tule(I think is the name)
Eric Fangsrund got the 4th place with Ninja Owner Armand Fangsrud. That is all I know. First and second already posted.
Montana Trial

Jim Askew got third running his own dog Tule in the Open.

dogcommand said:
Amateur Winner FC AFC Blue Earth's Hurry Sundown, owned and handled by John Terraciano. This win completes his AFC and qualifies him for the National Am.
Good for John and Sundown!



AM results

2nd - Dewitt Boise Woody I think
3rd - Steve Betchel not sure which dog
4th - Robin Christianson Wham
Western Montana

I had wrong information. Eric did not take a 4th in Open with Ninja. He got the RJ. Eventually it will all be on EE. Armand just let me know it was RJ.
It was Connie Bourque's dog Minny that got the 4th in the Open. Handled by Brooke Van De Brake.
Re: Montana Trial

Glenda Brown said:
Jim Askew got third running his own dog Tule in the Open.

Way to go Jim!!! Keep hanging around in that 4th series. HPW
Hey Kim J. and Pow that's super!

Way to go Mr. Low and the Pilot!

And an Open 3rd for the Askews!

Congrat's to everyone!
jim askew is the only trainer and handler of his dog, well he and his wife dee!
100% amateur trained and he hung right in there with all the pros!
and he jammed the amateur.

big congrats!!!

21 - 31 of 31 Posts
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