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What’s the smallest field trial stake that you have run?

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We occasionally have small trials in the Pacific Northwest in the early spring, when all the pros are still in California, but this year I think we are going to set a new record. With 24 hours before we close, the Tacoma Retriever Club Trial has 22 open dogs, 30 Amateur, 20 Qualifying and 12 Derby entries. So far only one pro has entered.

What’s the smallest stake you have run?
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9 dog Amateur in Prince Edward Island.
Tough tests, generous callbacks (Judges were very generous to me & Blue:p)
Our first all age Ribbon! Blue was 3 I think.
Great Islanders & a fabulous family holiday.
Here's a picture in the area of Confederation Bridge (to the main land) as we were heading home.

We've made the trek up to PEI and had the very same experience (also with a dog named Blue and also with a white ribbon, but in the Open). It was a big trial that year, 17 dogs ;-). We had a wonderful time and plan to go back soon. The water blind in the Amateur was the hardest that I have ever seen, anywhere, ever.

Sateside, I think Empire had a 22 dog Amateur last year.
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