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What a high what a low!

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I just wanted to post some of my thoughts about my first time being called back in a derby. I ran 1 other derby with a diferent dog and didn't get a bird. First off I love the feeling in my gut before you run. We come to the line and my pup is in love with the 2 guys with shotguns getting ready to shoot a duck just for her. After some re heeling switching sides a couple of times she locks in on the long bird, I call for the birds they shoot seems like she got a good look. I hear 7 and kick her loose and she runs out and front foots the flyer. I yell goood dog!!! more on that later. She comes in line up for the long one she is lookingright at it Tell her thats the 1 SPARKY!! off she goes like a shot then some factors kick in wind and hillside do what the judges wanted and she gets a little behind the gun she relalizes what she has done makes beeline too the other side of the gun and picks up the bird. GOOOOD DOG!!! I feel the judge at my shoulder and Iam told to hold the praise until after we are off line I appolgized And wait for the callbacks. Called back 2nd is long memorie skinny entry swim run over a point swim square exit and a good run up the hill too the bird. The go bird was short left thrown about halfway out onto a point. Sparky drilled both birds put about 3 paws onthe point and jumped back in up the hill to get the bird. I couldn't belive when we came off the line there was clapping and good jobs from the gallery. Even a few your winning the trial, but I knew there is more birds to get. The third was a short left on land a long one after a swim. I had alot of trouble getting her to settle on the long bird finally she did I called for the birds as soon as I motioned she swung back too the short bird and never saw the long bird. A smarter handeler would of stepped up to block her vision, and now I know. After I picked her up the judges were very nice and told me not to beat myself up to bad that we were right in there till that bird. I wouldn't trade that experience and rush for anything. I would tell any one who hasnt stepped to the line in any kind of dog game to get after it and feel the rush.
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Thanks for the post!

Pretty much why we trial, I think. The agony is real, but when we remember our dog's job, the ecstasy overcomes it.
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