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What is it worth

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Hypothetical thought....

Two breedings identical except the dam on litter #1 is a MH/HRCH and the dam for litter #2 is a JH/SHR. Sire is FC/AFC

How much more is the MH dam litter worth?

Is there enough of a difference?
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Yes there are lower level dogs being bred to high end dogs bcause stud owners don't say no to the money typically. Can a JH bitch bred to stud A have better pups than a MH bitch bred to stud A? Yes. It's more than the bitches titles. It's whats in pedigree and studs pedigree and how they mesh. I am sitting here looking at the catalog from last weeks trial and I bet less than 1/4 of the dogs are from FC AFc bitches.
Yet they get the majority of the placements & titles. It's really a no brainer here. Momma matters most.
Jacob surely you aren't saying only the top dogs that win are from FC x FC litters. Skeeter is a prime example.
I never said the only ones. I said they get the majority of the placements & titles. I'm more than aware of Skeeter's talents & pedigree. He's a very good marker & won't do anything dumb. If I felt my female was the right fit, I'd breed to him. As a plus, I like his owner.
1 - 2 of 40 Posts
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