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What is it worth

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Hypothetical thought....

Two breedings identical except the dam on litter #1 is a MH/HRCH and the dam for litter #2 is a JH/SHR. Sire is FC/AFC

How much more is the MH dam litter worth?

Is there enough of a difference?
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Genetically speaking even if the dams are littermates they will bring a different percentage of the sire and dam genetics to the table. However, training could be a factor and the JH could actually be the better dog. You know may or may not know if the JH had the opportunity to be exposed to good training. The title will increase the value some and if she was a FC/AFC it would be even higher.
If the JH was never tested by the owners any further due to funds or time, I would look at her pedigree. I've seen pedigrees where mom didn't have a title but yet produced some FC offspring.
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