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What to believe?- Health Off Topic

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I've been looking into COCONUT OIL and have found very conflicting information.
Dr. Weil at his web site pans it. Quote- Sources of "bad fats" include animal fat and processed vegetable oils...avoid coconut oil.
At Dr. Mercola's site he sings it's praises as "the smartest oil you can cook with".
What to believe, who knows. My gut feeling (no pun intended) no one knows for sure what are the facts are. The science of nutrition still has a long way to go.
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Ben, I try to keep up with this stuff. :lol:

The latest seems to be that if you wanna cook, use coconut oil or peanut oil. Olive oil for salads/over pasta, but not for cooking, as flavor is destroyed by cooking. Canola oil is good, so is grapeseed. Its when they *hydrogenate* the coconut oil (or any oil) that makes it bad...coconut oil in raw form is good for you.

I have grave concerns about Mercola...he's "alarmist" and some of his stuff strikes me as junk science. He appears to have an agenda.

Dr. Andrew Weil, OTOH, is a Harvard MD who crossed over a bit into complimentary medicine...he's very *reasonable*. Eight Weeks to Optimum Health is one of the best books I've ever read on diet and lifestyle. The program is easy to do, using slow behavioral changes, etc. In 8 weeks, you really will be healthier. :wink:

Obesity: the latest smoking gun appears to be high fructose corn's in everything ...

Soy, which you didn't ask about, but which many people wonder about:
Soy is o.k.. Tofu is good. *Soy Isolate* is bad stuff. Lots of Soy based cheese and 'meats' use Soy Isolate.
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