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What's up with the Tritronics G2's?

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I haven't looked all that hard, but also haven't noticed them anywhere I travel on the internet and haven't heard any discussions here? Has anyone seen them? I'm going to be in the market for a new collar here shortly and would rather wait to get the new stuff if it's good. Thanks.

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Hoytman said:
And if they'll be offering a car charger also?
Walmart sells an inverter that plugs into a cigarette lighter type receptacle for $17. We have a couple of them and use them for a variety jobs including recharging the ecollars, radios and cell phones or running a fan. It is an inexpensive option and we are not saddled with a number of different cords.

FYI....we started shipping the new G2 Sport series to our customers TODAY!!!

The Pro and Field series are not expected to be ready until mid-August (or later :? ).
My training partner tested a prototype G2, which lasted all of 3 days. His report for TT was very brief - 'it stunk.'

Great ideas, but the prototype was the worst we've had.
21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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