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I started in NAHRA. I came to realize, when I was still running a started dog, that once you achieved the senior level all you could do was continue passing tests. Once the dog acheived the MHR what was left?

I loved training to much to continue on 100 yard tripples with a blind up the middle. I wanted more and tougher. The grounds I have available to train in the winter, don't make good 100 yard tests.

The white coats offered a game that I'd never ever consider to be easy. :twisted: :twisted: The white coat game will take the best you and your dog can do and spit it back at you saying. "Is that all you got? Come back when you know what you're doing." That's the polite version.

If you like the game and you love to train and you want to keep looking for great dogs then the white coat game is for you. If you don't have the time (I honestly think this should include EVERYONE with young children) or the big $$ then hunt tests are a good option. Training a MH isn't chopped liver.

BTW, if you are into instant gratification then the white coat game isn't for you.
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