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Joie and I were just talking about one of our breedings, trying to remember some pedigree stuff...

Is Eba still around? He would be about 14 now?

I tried to look it up to see if I missed any postings about him... Couldn't find anything in particular.


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Cant answer that question .BUT there was a breeding of Eba by FC Luetchs Fools Gold (yellow) in August GOT A BM in late Oct from Corn Country..Folks he is an ABSOLUTE FIRE BREATHER..Splashdown's Hit EmAgain "Tyson" .This little dude was carrying around mallards @ 8 weeks old like a chew toy and his first few hunts this last season were watching from the truck and picking up decoys 4x bigger than he was @ the time. He has 2 White socks behind both ankles.....Had some cleints from FL in Jan that wanted him to go on the hunt with us so they could video tape the little man do his thing on the decoys...After we picked up....
Hats off to KEITH L.. for one Heck of a breeding....
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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