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Which Dog Would You Rather Hunt With?

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I've taken the liberty of posting Paul's question in Poll Form(well, at least I hope so since I've never tried this before.) Hope you don't mind Paul....

Paul Young said....

2 dogs with their owners are in identical duck blinds on the same day in the same location (i know this is all physically impossible). 4 ducks are shot in each blind with identical falls. fc/afc in blind a,grhrch in blind b. both dogs mark the same 3 birds,leaving 1 for a blind to be picked up. both dogs go to the area of the falls and successfully retrieve all three birds without big hunts or needing to be handled. the fc/afc lines the blind bird which fell in tules about 150 yds out,while the grhrch has a crisp 2 whistle blind.
later that day the same dogs/handlers decide to go upland hunting,again under exactly the same conditions.the grhrch has been doing this a while,and has the title (degree) to prove he knows the game. his handler has little to do other than choose how to hunt the area and cut the dog loose,giving the occasional command when changing direction,crossing fences,etc. the fc/afc needs considerably more handling to do the same job,and is frequently trying to push out past gun range,requiring the hunt to be a much noisier affair. nevertheless their bags are identical at the end of the hunt. which dog would you rather hunt with? maybe this should be a poll,but i'm not computer literate enough to set it up.-paul
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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