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what is more difficult, AKC SH title vs. Derby points?

Which is more difficult, AKC SH title vs. Derby points?

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SH level seems to be the level when all the elements are introduced into testing: multiple marks, honoring, blinds (ergo handling), and gimmicks like walk-up, bulldog, etc.


Derby seems to have significantly more difficult marks than SH, but the dog does not need to honor or run blinds.

i'd like to try both. which is more difficult :?:
plus for derby, you can heel dog to the line on a lead, right?

perhaps a fairer comparison is SH vs Q?
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Personally, I think it is harder to win a Derby than a Qualifying.

Especially, if you start out training with AA stakes in mind and view the Derby as just a stepping stone to Qualifying then on to AA stakes. A lot depends on the entry size of the Derby or Qualifying, as to their level of difficulty. But, a good dog that is well into advanced training should be able to win a Q well before 2.5 years of age.
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