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what is more difficult, AKC SH title vs. Derby points?

Which is more difficult, AKC SH title vs. Derby points?

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SH level seems to be the level when all the elements are introduced into testing: multiple marks, honoring, blinds (ergo handling), and gimmicks like walk-up, bulldog, etc.


Derby seems to have significantly more difficult marks than SH, but the dog does not need to honor or run blinds.

i'd like to try both. which is more difficult :?:
plus for derby, you can heel dog to the line on a lead, right?

perhaps a fairer comparison is SH vs Q?
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DT Tran said:
perhaps a fairer comparison is SH vs Q?

" Derby Points " dictate a placement in a Derby.
A placement in a Derby usually requires a pretty stellar performance. Usually FT tests are set up with some really high quality Bird Placement designed to see "who can REALLY MARK and who CAN'T"
The difference is .... in order to get that PLACEMENT, the dog is typically IMO a MARKING MACHINE ! The SH title is achieved from passing several tests on many different aspects of training ... however in SH the dog CAN BE HANDLED on marks ( usually in the AOF / not TO the AOF ) and still achieve the SH.
There is no handling in a Derby ... when you touch that whistle to help the dog, you have just made the decision that you are done.... your $50 bucks is gone .. and now you might as well try and get something positive for the experience :lol:
The good Derby dogs that I consider are consistent are truly remarkable to watch run. They watch that bird get thrown , MARK THE BLADE OF GRASS it landed on and go to that blade of grass.... ie not too much huntin' just MARKING ! They go to that bird with conviction and confidence ...They are that good !
These dogs are truly a joy to watch work as they are so very gifted ... and indeed a Marking Dog like that is Gifted and Rare, and AWESOME to watch and dream about owning :wink: . Just finishing a Derby with that kinda marking talent around is quite the accomplishment.
I stated my opinion not from a "this type of Retriever event is better than the that type of event" point of view, but more as a matter of fact difference.
Summary ... FT and HT's are DIFFERENT GAMES
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