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Who uses ESP or EAR hearing protectors?

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Who has an opinion regarding ESP or EAR hearing protectors? Thinking of analog rather than digital, since analog is one third the price of digital. Plus, I have digital programmed regular hearing aids now (Phonak--Swiss firm) and they are in and out of shop for repair often. I want something that blocks effect of shotgun blast, but still transmits range talk. I am using ear muffs now, but they are a pain. Have to remove them any time somebody wants to talk to me.
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I have been using a pair of the ESP analogs for 5 years now. They are comfortable and work great. You can wear them all day and forget that they are even in place. The main reason I got them is that the muffs are so hot. I would definitely recommend them!

1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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