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Why are field bred Golden Retriever puppies so much more expensive than field bred Labradors?

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I noticed that, on average, field-bred Golden Retriever litters out of parents with advanced hunt test titles are much more expensive than Labrador litters from similarly titled parents.

Are the puppies from Golden litters more expensive because there are fewer Golden field breeders or because there are fewer Goldens than Labs with advanced field titles? Or another reason?
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... I've been strongly considering buying a nice black lab with an AFC or FC in front of their name because their much more abundant and a lot less money generally. I only enter hunt test but mainly do to have a well-trained hunting dog.
Are you finding many of those available and at the right price? I've set my preferences for notification from Costco next time they have a buy two, get one free deal on 'em, but I figure it'll be a while.

J., first of all nice job for Mon ami Chien Koshyk
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Now, for a change-up curveball, what would one expect to ante up for a CCR pup with a field if not FT pedigree?

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