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Why are field bred Golden Retriever puppies so much more expensive than field bred Labradors?

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I noticed that, on average, field-bred Golden Retriever litters out of parents with advanced hunt test titles are much more expensive than Labrador litters from similarly titled parents.

Are the puppies from Golden litters more expensive because there are fewer Golden field breeders or because there are fewer Goldens than Labs with advanced field titles? Or another reason?
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The supply shortage is only in good field Goldens.

There are straw hat wearing no pocket having "breeders" that literally have barns full of Goldens being raised like hogs.
I have seen some signs recently of the bottom dropping out of the Golden puppy market, time will tell.
I've been looking for a year for a quality field breed golden. I have found a few nice litters, but something stops me from buying such as timing, cost, health clearances, etc. I believe the litters that have one AFC parent have pups that are better than just the average breed labs but their 2 or 3 times the cost of the that average breed lab litter. All of my golden pups (7) over the years have had at least one parent with AFC. Some of those AFC goldens were Topbrass Cotton, Top Brass Zap, Top Brass Hawk and Enberain Rugby, etc. The supply for AFC Goldens is very limited. I've been strongly considering buying a nice black lab with an AFC or FC in front of their name because their much more abundant and a lot less money generally. I only enter hunt test but mainly do to have a well-trained hunting dog.
Contact Carol. She may have something for you. Very well-respected breeder of quality Goldens.
Adirondac Golden Retrievers (
Thanks, Paul. I have met and spoken with Carol over the years. The last time we spoke she had a wait list a mile long. She is very well respected and breeds very nice dogs that perform. I'll have to send her an email.
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