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Wireless fence

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My inlaws are considering a wireless fence as their HOA only allows certain types of fencing that run in the $5-6k+ range. Does anyone have experience with the wireless fences (the ones where nothing is buried in the ground)? What I'm wondering is will these types of fences shock the dog until they reenter the yard or is it a small shock area like with a buried invisible fence?
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I have two chessies. One will run the other way when the warning sound goes off but the other one would go right through if a squirrel or cat is on the other side. I put the invisible fence collar and an e collar on the dog and managed to catch her going through the fence and I had TT collar up to a 6. She hasn't gone through it again. I still do not trust the invisible fence. I'm always outside with my dogs. Any other animal can come into your yard and that is the downside of the fence.
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