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WISILL/Badger State test August 26th & 27th filling fast

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If you are planning on running Finished please get your entries in fast. (2) flights of Finished are approaching full. If entries are low in Seasoned, we may add a flight of Finished but it looks like (2) flights of Seasoned will be needed.

There are an awful lot of out of area entries and it looks to be a good opportunity to meet some folks and see some great dog work.

If you have any questions please shoot me a PM. The grounds will be in great shape with all the rain we are having lately.
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Just heard from Hunt Sec the third flight of Finished filled up over the weekend. :shock:

Seasoned has a few spots left and Started has some room also.
yup, along with about 5 other guys from the Land of Lakes club.
I just just heard that I got in for Finished and will be running another dog in Started.
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