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Would this be a waste of time?

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I'm ready to start swim-by with the youngster.

The water here isnt ready however! (still hard and will be to cold for sometime)

I realise that the swim-by is just the T in water, but would it be a waste of time to teach the concept of swim-by on land with an imaginary pond?
In other words get her used to being stopped on the way to the back pile, and casting to an over pile, then casting to opposite over pile while running past you, with a bird in mouth??

Or---- am I just revisiting the single T in the dogs mind??

Impatient regards

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EdA said:
With a doofuss like you almost any endeavor would be a "waste of time" :wink:
LOL....when I read the Subject line, my first thought was the same as Dr. Ed's!!!! :) :wink:

Just pickin' on the Gooser regards,
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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