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Would you move up?

  • Stay in Qualifing, Be a winner.

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  • Run both, but pick up on last bird if your not clean - no JAM

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  • Forget Quals, The open is were it is at.

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Here in Canada you are allowed 5 wins in qualifying before you are given the "Golden Boot". Additionally, same as US, a Amature placement or an open Jam and you are done in Qual.

With 7 placements so fare this year, My dog is in second place for the simi-meaningless title of "top qualifying dog in Canada". I am 5 points back with only one win, the top dog has 4 wins. My dog just turned 3.

I think we can finish some opens, maybe even place on a lucky day.

What would you do?
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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