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A guy from down the road with Tibetan Mastifss just came by and got me to look at his dog. (I am the 'dog lady,' aren't I? :roll: )

The dog's eye was rolled back in its head, so that only the white was showing. Hadn't been in any unusual situations or anything.

Any ideas?




But was it one eye or both?

I have a couple of dogs, and I'm waiting for it now with all this pollen, who will have their eyes sink WAY in their head with what appears to be seasonal allergies.

It looks REALLY painful, but I'm not sure if it is...

But I would think you'd see it in both eyes.

If it's one eye, I'd wonder if it wasn't an injury where the eye got knocked around and some stuff came undone in there... I know the puggy faced dogs can get eyes knocked around and fall out. I suppose a similar thing could happen to any dog if it got hit just right.

I agree. yuck... Please post when you know what it is...

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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